The Benefits of Vehicle Theft Insurance

The Benefits of Vehicle Insurance

So, you’ve heard about Drive and Save’s exciting one stop shop solution for affordable vehicle insurance quotations, but you’re still a little bit unsure if you really need to make use of our services. Maybe you think that it’s an unnecessary extra burden in your life? If you’re wavering at all about whether vehicle insurance is right for you, you may be swayed when you consider that it’s a widespread fact that vehicle theft and hijackings are prevalent in South Africa, and there is a high probability that your vehicle could be stolen, especially when it is left in an open, exposed area. As such, you seriously need to consider whether you have the means to buy another vehicle that is a similar model, should it get stolen.

If you would not be able to afford a replacement, it is imperative that you buy comprehensive vehicle insurance – especially if you have taken out financing and have to pay back a loan for the vehicle.

Not only this but also the ever-increasing costs of keeping your vehicle on the road. The smallest of repair jobs can sometimes set you back financially and add an unnecessary extra financial burden to your life! If you do not have the means to pay for expensive repair jobs and cover the regular servicing expenses that all vehicles come with Drive and Save can help!

The best way to not break the bank and simultaneously ensure you are not left in the lurch, is to do some shopping so as to ensure you purchase the most affordable vehicle insurance you can source. That’s where Drive and Save come in.

Saving you time and saving you money so you can drive and save with peace of mind that your beloved vehicle won’t leave you or let you down.