How to react in a hijacking

How to react in a hijacking

It’s an unfortunate reality of living in South Africa that you one day be faced with a situation in which your vehicle is stolen from you through visible force. While the prospect of being in a hijacking is unthinkable for many people, it is better to align with reality and adequately prepare yourself should the worst ever occur.

Here are some tips on how you should react in the event of a hijacking:

Don’t resist in any way 

As their flight or fight instincts kick in, many people become angry and can be tempted to fight back when confronted with gunmen demanding their most prized possession. It is at this time that it is critical that you fight this reaction and do not threaten or challenge the hijackers in any way. While your car can be replaced, your life cannot, and an aggressive reaction on your part is only going to make the hijackers jumpier and more belligerent towards you. As such, you should move away as quickly as possible from the vehicle and place as much distance as possible between yourself and the hijacker(s). Also, remember that if you get yourself appropriately covered with Drive and Save’s insurance partners, you can always claim and potentially be paid out for your vehicle.

Don’t make sudden movements

The more still you stay, the more likely that the hijackers will be placated and not perceive you as a threat in any way. It is therefore important that you remain as still and calm as possible – make sure that your hands are in the air and visible to the hijackers and avoid making eye contact with them. Also, if you are able to speak, try not to speak too fast as this may further aggravate the hijackers.

Take Notes

During this time of duress, you may not be thinking as clearly as you should be. However, it is important that you try maintain as much composure as possible so that you can gather as much information as possible about the hijackers without posing a threat. Some of the information you should gather is how many hijackers were there, general descriptions of them and what type of clothing they wore, what firearms they used, language and/or accent they used, and the direction they drove off in after stealing the car.