What you need to know about Drive and Save

What you need to know about Drive and Save

So, you’ve heard about Drive and Save, and you’re interested enough to have come to this web page. However, are you fully aware how this innovative one stop insurance shop works? We would like to provide you with a little bit of background information about our exciting products and explain how Drive and Save will benefit you.

What is Drive and Save?

Drive and Save is an independent financial service provider that is able to source multiple vehicle insurance quotations at the best possible premiums we can get for you.
This stretches from comprehensive vehicle insurance all the way to select service and warranty plans.

How does it work?

It’s quite simple really: to get your obligation free quotations simply complete the contact us form and we will call you back (T&C’s apply).

What do I have to do to ensure that I am covered?

All information you provide us for the purposes of quotations must be 110% correct, as any non-disclosures or misrepresentation of material facts could result in the quotation and subsequent policy being incorrect which could affect you at claim stage, so it is extremely important that we have factually correct information.

What assurances do I have that I am covered?

Drive and Save have undertaken to only partner with well recognized, successful and most importantly trusted Insurers in the South African market. Your insurer of choice will issue you with all required policy documentation as proof of your cover once you have accepted a quotation from Drive & Save.

What are the terms and conditions?

– Providing accurate and truthful information to Drive & Save
– Having a stolen vehicle recovery or fleet management system installed in your vehicle. The device must also be in full working order at all times and the subscription payments should be up-to-date.
– Agree to sharing telematics data with Drive and Save.
– Ensure you notify Drive & Save or your selected insurer of any changes in your personal or risk information so that your policy can be updated timeously and accurately

Why sign up to Drive and Save?

Drive and Save is the perfect solution for all drivers who are particularly worried about their vehicle insurance and on the road costs (e.g. maintenance and servicing) but do not have the time to shop around for the best offers. The theft, loss of a vehicle due to an accident and even the day to day or unforeseen expenses of owning and maintaining a vehicle can often be traumatic and devastating, especially if you don’t have the financial means to buy a new vehicle or repair your damaged vehicle.

Not to worry, Drive and Save are here to provide you with a one stop shopping experience that sources multiple quotations for everything from comprehensive vehicle insurance all the way to select service and warranty plans. Not only this but due to our partnership with multiple providers of vehicle services we can assist you with a whole lot more.

Contact us today to find out more